The SHOTO shoes processing techniques, which are entirely handmade maintaining the old and traditional manufacturing procedures represent the added value to our creations.
The experienced shoemakers, who assemble with preciseness refined leathers and top quality natural materials such as leather or rubber, create a unique stylish and comfortable product with passion and dedication.
Nothing is left to chance when we create our products. The accurate study of the lasts, of the materials, of the bottom stock, of the processing techniques and of the washes are the perfect equilibrium of elements which have always characterized SHOTO shoes.

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In the BLAKE METHOD the sole is glued and sewn to the shoe’s insole. This particular processing technique is realized through a unique stitching which connects sole, lining, upper and insole. Footwear with this manufacturing process are immediately recognizable; the stitching along the leather insole and inside the shoe is perfectly visible.



In the BLAKE-RAPID method, the process is composed of two steps. In the initial one, a BLAKE stitching is realized on the first leather sole. In the following step a RAPID stitching is realized. It is a stitching that connects the first and the second sole that could be of leather or of rubber. The heel is inserted by hand using nails and the sole is always finished off and colored by hand. This exclusively handmade process is realized with a double stitching giving the sole greater elasticity and comfort.