Durata video: 3min ‘SHOTO | Manufacturing Process ’



The leather and its manufacturing makes this product unique. It is for this reason that, based on our philosophy, the choice of the leather is absolutely fundamental. Refined leathers such as vegetable-tanned horse, moose, kudu, python and ostrich create a surplus value together with the artisanal production. Each leather is treated in a different way respecting and enhancing its characteristics.



Thanks to the experience we gained during the years, our processing techniques have become more innovative but always in respect of the footwear tradition. The originality of the DIVE manufacturing realized by immersing the shoes in the color, creates a unique effect which varies from leather to leather. The STONE WASHED manufacturing and the natural drying complete the process making a really vintage shoe.




The finished product is really unique, both from the comfort point of view which is obtained with the study of the last and of the classical sole manufacturing such as blake, blake rapid, goodyear or California lasting method and from the style point of view which set us apart from the competition since years. The person who chooses SHOTO wants a unique and natural product; from the shoes creation to its packaging entirely realized with natural and recyclable paper.