The well-known originality and style of SHOTO is also due to the particular whases, thanks to which it is now the one and only brand of shoes in its category.
Dyes and stones, treated with an accurate process of manufacturing, together with various finishing techniques realized by the use of specific waxes and polishes, make each of our shoes unique pieces.
The last touch of color is realized through the use of these particular waxes and polishes which are mixed together in order to create incomparable shades that can not be found in already colored leathers.

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Dive Wash

The DIVE WASH is a way of coloring obtained by the immersion of the shoe in the color. In particular, the shoe without the bottom is immersed in the dyes and it is then naturally dried. This technique which is entirely handmade produces different creases and natural color shades depending on the type of leather. It makes the product unique, different from the others and with an intentionally vintage look. Any fault in each pair of shoes is therefore a quality and a feature of this handcrafted manufacturing.


Stone Washed

STONE WASHED is a procedure obtained by placing the shoe in the washing machine with some stones. The shoe after being washed is re-shaped. After three days of natural drying process, comes the finishing stage that is handmade realized with special waxes.